The UNESCO Chair on Digital Cultural Heritage with the EU ERA Chair on Digital Cultural Heritage in cooperation with the EU digital library Europeana are co-organizing the following workshops.

Workshop 1 - Registration is mandatory for all, free participation - 2nd November 2020 - 09:00 EET

Title: The 2nd EU Workshop on how digital technologies can contribute to the preservation and restoration of Europe's most important and endangered Cultural Heritage. 

This unique event will develop the outcomes of the previous EU-supported workshop at EuroMed2018, drawing on important policy developments which have occurred meanwhile, including:

  1. The publication of the EU H2020 ViMMuseum Manifesto, Roadmap and Action Plan (#ViMMuseum_Manifesto, #ViMMuseum_ActionPlan, #ViMMuseum).
  2. The Declaration of Cooperation on advancing digitisation of cultural heritage signed by EU Member States at the EU Digital Day 2019 (#DigitalDay2019).
  3. Recent guidance such as the Basic principles and tips for 3D digitisation of cultural heritage compiled by Expert Group on Digital Cultural Heritage and Europeana (#EU_Study_3D_CH, #DCHE_Group).

The event will also provide an opportunity for stakeholders and all those interested to learn about and contribute to a major new study on Quality in 3D digitisation of tangible Cultural Heritage under an EU tender recently awarded to Digital Heritage Research Laboratory at UNESCO Chair on DCH at the Cyprus University of Technology.

Moreover, this key workshop will focus on identifying parameters for quality, complexity in 3D data acquisition, modelling, e-preservation and standardisation as well as:

  • Which technologies need to be developed to allow the creation of a digital replica which must be of such definition and detail to enable their use for research and future preservation and reconstruction of damaged artefacts or sites?
  • Which standards need to be agreed upon, so that the digitized material will be accessible (long term) to all through a single access point, also providing access to complementary material (images, books, descriptions, drawings) illustrating the cultural and historic significance of the sites.
  • Which algorithms have to be developed for the holistic documentation of the past (tangible and intangible): Story, Memory, Knowledge, Identity, etc.

This unique webinar will be online via ZOOM on the 2nd of November.

The workshop is organized by the EU VIGIE-2020/654: Study on Quality in 3D digitisation of tangible Cultural Heritage – For more info about the study here and on the EU portal.


Workshop 2 - Registration is mandatory for all, free participation - 3rd November 2020 - 09:00 EET  

Title: The 5th  International Workshop on 3D Research Challenges in Cultural Heritage to be organized by the EU H2020 ERA Chair Mnemosyne project.

This event will focus on:

In recent years, the approaches towards 3D geometry has seen rapid progress in many different areas from digital factories of the future to car, flight and surgical training simulators to 3D maps, 3D TV/Cinema and games but also in Cultural Heritage applications. In general, the handling of 3D data poses different challenges but also provides new, exciting and innovative opportunities compared to more established media like texts, images or sound. The goal of this workshop is to present a selection of recent advances, some of which are already used in the cultural heritage domain while others have a high potential for it. The topics will be presented with the goal to take into account how these 3D technologies could be used in Digital repositories for Cultural Heritage (like Europeana,, where they could open up far-reaching new opportunities for re-use. Consequently, the workshop will be concluded by a panel discussion including both 3D experts as well as representatives from Digital Libraries and Cultural Heritage Management Systems on 3D potential and future directions.

This unique webinar will be online via ZOOM on the 3rd of November


Workshop 3 - Registration is mandatory for all, free participation - 5th November 2020 - 11:00 EET

Title: Digital Transformation for User Engagement in Cultural Heritage.

This event will focus on:

Cultural Heritage Institutions looking at new opportunities offered by Digital Heritage collections and technological tools for getting closer to their existing network and engage with new audiences in innovative and engaging ways. Following the pace of the digital transformation is a must that all CHIs are currently experiencing, requiring big efforts in digitization, online presence and social media actions, all with the objective to increase visibility and to become more deeply rooted in the heritage community. This is enabled and backended with services and systems for digital collections management, aggregation to online repositories, and tools for metadata enrichment and annotation. While the services can be outsourced, the process as such requires careful planning and execution, on the basis of specialistic knowledge and multidisciplinary expertise that are ideally built inside the institutions. During the covid 19-crisis, when they were forced to close their premises, museums and libraries became fully aware of the importance of leveraging their digital cultural collections as a form of compensation for the unavailability of the physical spaces. As the digital environment very much is a global one, CHIs are now engaging with users from all over the world, thus meeting new audiences with no geographic boundaries. Yet this expansion, both in terms of audience and digital features adding to the physical experience, remains complementary to the place and role of memory institutions as representatives of their local community and its history. In the post-covid scenario, therefore, it will be more important than ever to reconnect with local communities, by compelling user engagement actions via user-driven storytelling, co-creation, crowdsourcing and citizen participation. In this multidisciplinary webinar, success stories and best practices from international projects will be presented as case studies, offering different perspectives on what is possible to achieve by leveraging digital collections, technology and tools.

This unique webinar will be online via ZOOM on the 5th of November.


Workshop 4 - Registration is mandatory for all, free participation - 4th November 2020 - 10:30 EET 

Title: 1st International Workshop on Cultural Tourism: Discovery Europe.

This event will focus on:

Currently, due to COVID-19, the tourism industry is facing key economic and social challenges. The pandemic managed to bring global tourism to a standstill, thousands of persons are unemployed and millions of people in quarantine have been seeking out cultural and travel experiences from their homes. Culture has proven indispensable during this period, and the demand for virtual access to museums, heritage sites, theatres and performances has reached unprecedented levels. The Discovery Europe Workshop will give the opportunity to showcase local identity as a competitive advantage of the EU Member States, as far as sustainable tourism development is concerned, as well as boost networking among the participants, the exchange of best practices, knowledge and experience on this specific topic.

Despite all the challenges, the tourism and culture sectors are facing an opportunity to create new partnerships and collaboration. They are bound to jointly reinvent and diversify the offer, attract new audiences, develop new skills and support the world’s transition to the new conditions.

Therefore, it is an opportunity to promote sustainable and hybrid tourism driven by new practices and innovations which promote lifelong learning. It is the time and the challenge to reinvent ourselves with a vision to build a better tomorrow. 

The Discovery Europe workshop will focus on the following important aspects:

  1. Improve information and data exchange between individuals, experts, stakeholder and sectors,
  2. Improve networking among local, regional and international organizations and launch innovative alliances,
  3. Form a more resilient tourism and culture workforce,
  4. Strengthen policy and governance structures for better coordination, awareness and information sharing,
  5. Attract new audiences

This unique webinar will be online via ZOOM on the 4th of November.

Free of charge registration to the Discovery Europe Workshop.


Workshop 5  - Registration is mandatory for all, free participation - 5th November 2020 - 12:15 EET 

Title: Digital Heritage Crowdsourcing: Present and Future.

This event will focus on:

Drawing on the results of a recent study in the Europeana Common Culture project, the workshop will present the state of the art in digital cultural heritage crowdsourcing of different kinds across Europe. It will discuss what this can mean for data quality and community engagement and what the prospects are for co-ordinated access and preservation.

This unique webinar will be online via ZOOM on the 5th of November.