The UNESCO Chair on Digital Cultural Heritage with the EU ERA Chair on Digital Cultural Heritage in cooperation with the EU digital library Europeana are co-organizing the following workshops.

Workshop 1 - Registration is mandatory for all, free participation - (Date to be announced)

Title: The 2nd EU Workshop on how digital technologies can contribute to the preservation and restoration of Europe's most important and endangered cultural heritage sites.

This event will focus on:

a) Which technologies need to be developed to allow the creation a digital replica which must be of such definition and detail enabling their use for research and future preservation and reconstruction of damaged artefacts or sites?

b) Which standards needs to be agreed upon so that the digitized material will be accessible (long term) to all through a single access point, also providing access to complementary material (images, books, descriptions, drawings) illustrating the cultural and historic significance of the sites.

c) Which algorithms have to be developed for the holistic documentation of the past (tangible and intangible): Story, Memory, Knowledge, Identity, etc.


Workshop 2 - Registration is mandatory for all, free participation - (Date to be announced)

Title: The 5th  International Workshop on 3D Research Challenges in Cultural Heritage to be organized by the EU H2020 ERA Chair Mnemosyne project.

This event will focus on:

In recent years, the use of approaches based on 3D geometry has seen rapid progress in many different areas from digital factories of the future to car, flight and surgical training simulators to 3D maps, 3D TV/Cinema and games but also in cultural heritage applications. In general, the handling of 3D data poses different challenges but also provides new, exciting and innovative opportunities compared to more established media like texts, images or sound. The goal of this workshop is to present a selection of recent advances, some of which are already used in the cultural heritage domain while others have a high potential for it. The topics will be presented with the goal to take into account how these 3D technologies could be used in Digital repostirories for Cultural Heritage (like Europeana,, where they could open up far-reaching new opportunities for re-use. Consequently, the workshop will be concluded by a panel discussion including both 3D experts as well as representatives from Digital Libraries and Cultural Heritage Management Systems on 3D potential and future directions.